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Recording Studio Gear


EMF Production’s Recording studio is composed of a 1300 square foot professional recording studio capable of recording analogously or digitally. ¬†The facility houses a ¬†Hammond B3 organ with Leslie and state of the art keyboards, effects and processors. We also have full time audio engineers and music producers as well as a vast talent pool of experienced musicians and singers from the area. We are dedicated to excellence in every musical piece that we create.


The 700 square foot studio has a combination drum and vocal booth, concave piano trap, two amplifier traps, and a live poly-cylindrical area for bright instrument enhancement.

Control Room

The EMF Productions’ Control Room has an area of 600 square feet, with non parallel fan-shaped walls, an unparalleled ceiling, and is side-load. It was designed by Milam Audio of Chicago, Illinois.

Harrison MR-4 | 40 inputs, 24 outputs
ARMS automation
Control Surface
Digidesign Icon D-Control | Total Automated Console, Moving Faders,
Snapshot Memory
Analog Recorders
Otari MTR-90II, 24 track with remote auto-locate
Otari MTR-12C, 2 track with remote auto-locate
Yamaha C300 professional cassette tape deck
Yamaha KXW952 dubbing cassette deck

Digital Recorders
AVID Protools HD3 System with 48 I/O
2 Digidesign 192 I/O | 1 Digidesign Midi I/O | 1 Digidesign Sync I/O
1 Digidesign X Mon
Alesis ADAT HD24 digital recorder
Panasonic SV3700 professional DAT machine

1 Neumann U87
4 AKG C414
2 AKG C451
4 Sennheiser 421
8 Shure SM57 & beta
8 Shure SM58 & beta
1 ElectroVoice RE20
1 Crown SASS
JBL 4435, main monitors
Yamaha NS10M, auxiliary monitors
JBL LSR4328P, auxiliary monitors
AKG K240 headphones
Bang Olufsen RL140 studio monitors
Out of The Box Processing
Lexicon 200 digital reverb
Roland R880 digital reverb
Yamaha SPX1000 multi-effect processor
Yamaha REV5 digital reverberator
Alesis Quadraverb digital effects device
Drawmer M500 dynamics processor
UREI LA 4 limiter/compressor
Yamaha D1500 digital delay
BBE 882A sonic maximizer
In The Box Processing
Countless Digidesign TDM and RTAS Plug ins for Pro Tools HD including:
BF Fairchild Bundle v4, Pultec Bundle v4, Moogerfooger Bundle,
Cosmonaut Voice, Drawmer Dynamics, Fairchild 670, Focusrite d2/d3,
JOEMEEK SC2 Compressor, JOEMEEK VC5, Maxim, Reel Tape Suite,
ReVibe, Reverb One, Moogerfooger Analog Delay, Sound Replacer, Smack!
Purple Audio MC77 and many more!

Hammond B3 organ with Leslie 142
Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 polyphonic synthesizer
Fender, Orange, Boss and many more guitar/bass amplifiers and effects
Fender, Martin, Takamine, Schecter guitars/Basses
Korg Oasys
Yamaha P200 88-key sampled grand piano keyboard
Roland D550 sythesizer module
Roland S750 digital sampler module
Roland P330 digital piano module
Roland A90EX and A50 controller-synthesizer keyboards
Yamaha TX802 synthesizer module
Voce DMI-64 Mark II organ module
Kurzweil K2500XS
Yamaha Motif Synthesizers
Roland Phantom Synthesizers